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Google Stadia: What is State Share? We explain the feature

The networking possibilities are just beginning with Google Stadia. Fittingly, the term state share is currently making the rounds. Our guide explains what it is.

State Share: State Share allows you to save shareable scores.

Stadia enables spontaneous gaming like almost no other platform. With State Share, this trait is to be expanded even further.

Google Stadia relies on State Share

In a sense, State Share is about shared game states:
  • Per State Share, players can take a snapshot in the game.
  • This serves as an online save state. This means that the state corresponds exactly to the moment of the recording, with all details such as game progress, inventory and skills.
  • The advantage of this feature is that the normal storage mechanics with their limitations are simply bypassed.
  • It can be used State Share for various purposes, such as for speedrunners, but also to share special situations with friends or for competitions, which player makes the best out of the same starting situation.
State Share was first introduced in the game builder Crayta and then Hitman 3. Der Action-Titel erschien im Januar 2021 und erweiterte die Palette der Top-Spiele im Stadia-Katalog um einen starken Namen.

By Lepper Hendron

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