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MHW Iceborne: Unlock new rank - these limits exist

As in the main game, your rank in Iceborne is initially bound by certain limits. We'll show you where those are and what you need to do to get past them.

Achieving high: The master rank in Iceborne has to be unlocked every now and then via task.

The master rank is especially important to be able to earn higher zone levels in the Guiding Lands. Since you get the materials for augmentations there, a high rank is important in the long run.

This is what the rank limits look like in Iceborne

Your rank is limited in Iceborne as follows:
  • At first, you can only increase your rank to 22 via story. If you complete optional quests or investigations along the way, the experience is gained but not yet activated. The accumulated experience is added after completion of the story, so you climb several levels in the master rank.
  • Now you can level freely, but only up to master rank 49. Then you get the mission to hunt a hardened Rathian and a hardened Paolumu, both in one quest.
  • If that is done, the next limit awaits at master rank 69. The task: hunt a hardened Brachydios and a hardened Glavenus, also both in one quest.
  • The last hurdle there is at master rank 99: to reach rank 100 and beyond, you must defeat the Ruin Nergiant.
Have you reached rank 100, finally nothing stands in the way of further progress. By the way, it becomes interesting once again at rank 150, since you can then unlock the upgrade of the life saver coat. It goes against the hardened variants of Kirin and Namielle - you have earned the improved coat afterwards honestly.

By Sverre

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