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MHW Iceborne: Master Rank explained - all info

In Iceborne, MHW players explore a new world. In the process, the difficulty level is also tightened - the master rank is responsible for this. We explain what that means in the game.

Full concentration: the master rank is supposed to offer a crisp challenge.

In expansions to Monster Hunter games, a new difficulty level has become a tradition. Monster Hunter World continues this, instead of G-Rank it is now called Master Rank.

MHW Iceborne: This is the Master Rank

The Master Rank presents hunters in Iceborne with a new challenge:
  • The Master Rank is an additional difficulty level in the familiar system.
  • This affects both the values in damage and health points, as well as new attack patterns, because of which you have to be even more on the lookout.
  • As you slay monsters at this level, you can build master rank armor. These come in alpha and beta variants and can be equipped with fourth level slots.
  • In master rank missions, you get mega potions in addition to your own.
  • The master rank is also a separate level system for your character, analogous to the hunter rank. You advance in Master Rank by slaying Master Rank monsters, and the rank determines which missions you can start.
All the more important to take full advantage of the new features. There is, for example, the clamp claw, which is now an important element in combat. It's also handy that the multiplayer scaling finally has a level for two players - this applies to all hunting trips in Iceborne, not just master rank battles.

By Ingaberg Rueda

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