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MHW Iceborne: Augmentations explained - what's new

Augmentations were already one of the central themes of the endgame in Monster Hunter World. It's no different in the Iceborne expansion, though the system has been revamped. We explain.

More complex, but better: augmentations work quite differently in Iceborne.

Augmentations get the finishing touches out of your weapons. In the late stages of Iceborne, this is even more important.

This is how augmentations work in Iceborne

Augmentations work like this in the expansion:
  • Augmentations in Iceborne run through internal slots of the weapons. Weapons with rank 10 have five slots for augmentations, at rank 11 there are four, at rank 12 only three.
  • The augmentations require different numbers of slots. Thus, health regeneration and attack boost occupy three slots each, while affinity requires only two.
  • You can expand the slots, however, limited once, so that new scope.
  • Also the augmentations themselves can be increased gradually.
  • In addition, there are custom augmentations that do not occupy slots, but bring only a small increase. In addition, they change the appearance of the weapon.
This system results in an interesting puzzle, in which it is a matter of using the available slots as well as possible. After all: you can undo any augmentation and get back all the materials. This way, you can try out the enhancements without risk.In addition, since specific materials are needed for each of the augmentations, the luck-based hunt for power stones is no longer necessary, which has been extremely well received by the community.

By Cleopatre

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