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iPhone X: Forgot the code - what can you do now?

Have you forgotten the code for your iPhone X or is the smartphone disabled? Then you can't avoid resetting the device. However, any data on the iPhone will be lost in the process. There is no other way to recover or change the access code.

Removing the code from the iPhone X - here's how

Have you entered the code incorrectly too many times, the iPhone will be disabled. To use the smartphone again, you must either enter the correct code or delete the device.
  1. Make sure you have iTunes installed on the computer.
  2. Hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons until the power off slider appears and turn off the iPhone.
  3. Connect the iPhone X to the computer via USB cable while holding down the side button until the recovery mode is active.
  4. Start iTunes. A dialog box will then open where you click "Restore". Your smartphone will then be reset. The process and the loading of the software can take some time. If the loading process takes longer than 15 minutes, the recovery mode is automatically terminated and you have to start again.
  5. Once the recovery is complete, you can set up the iPhone X again and set a new code.

Data gone - what you can do

During the recovery, all data of the iPhone X will be deleted. About iTunes or the iCloud, however, you can then load backups, if you have created any.

By Alma

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