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Threema: Forgot your lock code - what you can do

Threema is an instant messaging app that you can use on almost all mobile devices. The alternative to WhatsApp already has over five million private users and offers many important features. However, if you have forgotten the lock code, you cannot simply reset it.

This is what you can do if you forget Threema's lock code

Threema is getting more and more users who switch from other instant messaging services. The app is available for all mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Once you have downloaded and installed Threema from the store, you must first assign a lock code. If you forget the code, you no longer have access to your messages.
  1. If you have forgotten the lock code to Threema, you can no longer reset it. The app does not offer a function for this case that solves the problem.
  2. If you still want to regain access to the app, you can reset it if necessary.
  3. When resetting Threema, however, all your content will be lost. The settings will also be completely deleted. Sie müssen die App anschließend komplett neu einrichten.
  4. Eine andere Möglichkeit, um den Sperrcode zurückzusetzen und Zugriff auf Ihre Daten zu haben gibt es im Moment noch nicht.
  5. Haben Sie zuvor ein Backup der App gemacht, können Sie dieses nach dem Zurücksetzen wieder aufspielen. Ein Backup erstellen Sie direkt in der Threema-App.

By Colan

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