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Bypass captcha in JDownloader - how to do it

With JDownloader you can download files quickly in one step. However, you occasionally have to enter an annoying captcha to get the downloads to continue. The captchas cannot be avoided completely. But JDownloader can try to enter the captcha for you.

How to bypass the captcha in JDownloader?

With JDownloader you can start multiple downloads from file sharing providers at the same time. This is especially useful if you want to download a large file that is divided into several parts. Occasionally you have to enter a captcha by hand, so that the provider knows that you are not a bot that just wants to slow down the server. However, some of these captchas can be bypassed.
  1. Go to the settings in JDownloder and then on to "Modules". Click on JAntiCaptcha and here on "Display Threshold".
  2. The display threshold decides when you get the captcha displayed. At a value of 0, every captcha will be displayed to you. With a value of 95, the captcha detection must be very uncertain before it shows you the captcha.
  3. Confirm the setting with "Ok". You will only very rarely get a captcha displayed.
It may happen that you still get captchas displayed despite the setting. Das liegt daran, dass der JDownloader nicht unbedingt jedes Captcha lösen kann.

By Rabkin

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