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Upload filter - how the software works

An upload filter is software that pre-screens data when it is uploaded. Afterwards, it may reject or modify them, or take further action. This is intended to simplify and speed up the upload process.

How the upload filter

According to Section 17 of copyright law, an upload filter should be mandatory for all websites in order to comply with data protection. This is intended to comprehensively protect third-party content from misuse. It is also intended to make a contribution against cyber bullying, right-wing extremism, terrorism, crime, pornography, violence and false news. With the filter, such content does not enter circulation in the first place and can thus be curbed.
  • The upload filter is enshrined in EU law to ensure uniform regulation within the EU.
  • Two factors must be in place for an upload filter. First, there must be a database of inadmissible data, as well as an algorithm that compares them before uploading.
  • Thus, content that does not meet these specifications, either directly rejected or modified.
  • This can be texts, images, videos, as well as clippings, which are checked and blocked.
  • So content on sites such as Facebook and YouTube are not made available to users and rejected directly during upload.
  • By the upload filter, many discussions on the subject of data protection have been triggered. Thus, the issues of censorship, manipulation and freedom of expression were under scrutiny, which is why many people are against the use of such a filter.

By Stoneham Balick

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