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Upload Video: YouTube - how to upload videos

You can upload your videos to YouTube for free. All you need is a channel. To create, you register with YouTube. Then you can upload your video to the platform from your computer, smartphone or tablet and set access rights for your videos via settings.

Uploading videos to YouTube - how to do it

The first step is to register with YouTube by creating a channel there. On the YouTube homepage, click on the "Upload button". Then determine who can watch your video. You can upload videos privately or post them only for a specific group of people. Also, think of a suitable title and description for your video. The thumbnail is also important. This is the section of the video that is displayed as a still image in the preview.
  1. Open the YouTube homepage.
  2. Click on "Upload" in the top right corner.
  3. Then determine who is allowed to see the video.
  4. Either drag & drop your video into the window or click "Select files for upload".
  5. Vergeben Sie einen Namen, eine Beschreibung und die Tags für Ihr Video.
  6. Unter „Zur Playlist hinzufügen“ können Sie Ihr Video einer Playlist hinzufügen.
  7. Erlauben Sie das Hinzufügen von Kommentaren oder sperren Sie die Funktion.
  8. Wählen Sie zum Schluss ein Thumbnail (Vorschaubild) aus und klicken Sie auf „Veröffentlichen“.

By Derr

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