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Nvidia 3D Vision - how to install

If you like to play games on the computer, then Nvidia 3D Vision is a good addition. Because this program takes you into 3-dimensional game worlds, but you can only experience them with the associated graphics card.

How to install Nvidia 3D Vision

The installation of the program is not very complex, but you should take your time for it, because the time span is comparatively high.
  1. Before you start with the actual installation, update the driver of your graphics card. Because only then can the program work reliably.
  2. Following this, download Nvidia 3D Vision and start the program. Now you need to specify that you want to install the Geforce 3D Vision software and then click "Next".
  3. After that, put a check mark at "Stereoscopic 3D viewer".
  4. You will now see a security notice, which you end by clicking "Install".
  5. Now you need to specify that you want to start the 3D Vision Wizard and then click "Finish".
  6. Now select "3D Vision Discover" until the field is outlined in green. Confirm with "Next"
  7. Put on the glasses and close your right eye. Now mark what you see on the left side of the image and change the eyes afterwards.
  8. Now indicate what you perceived in point 1 as a test image and click "Next".
  9. End the installation with "Finish".
To experience directly after the installation, how the program changes your gaming experience, you can download and install the free game Trackmania Nations Forever. Afterwards, use the 3D glasses to fully experience the gaming experience.

By Bouton

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