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iPhone X: Transfer music - this is how fast it works

On the new iPhone X, depending on the memory, you can store a large amount of music. However, if the storage space is running low, it may be advisable to transfer some songs to another medium such as the PC. Also useful are streaming service providers like Spotify, as this way your storage won't get full.

How to transfer music to iPhone X music?

You have several options to transfer music to iPhone.
  1. Use iTunes. To do this, simply install iTunes on your PC and then connect the smartphone to the computer. Once this has established a connection, you can transfer the music by syncing iTunes with the iPhone.
  2. You can download music on the web. To do this, go to the site where you bought the music and download it from there.
  3. Download the music from a streaming provider that allows offline listening. With Spotify, if you have a Pro subscription, you can download all music and enjoy it offline.
  4. Send the music to yourself via a messenger service. Open the desktop application of Messenger on your PC and just send the music to yourself. Nun öffnen Sie den Messenger auf Ihrem Smartphone und laden dort die Musik aus dem Messenger herunter.
Sie können auch mehrere dieser Methoden benutzen, um sich Ihre Playlist auf dem Handy zusammenzustellen.

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