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Apple Music: Upload your own music - how it works

Thanks to Apple Music, you can download all music tracks from your iTunes library for a monthly fee. This gives you the flexibility to decide what music you want to listen to. In addition, it is also possible to upload your own music to Apple Music.

iTunes Match: Upload your own music to Apple Music

You can add all your songs through your own library in iTunes. While this used to be possible by converting the songs from your local library to iTunes, today there is the subscription for iTunes Match. The subscription allows you to sync music from all sources to the app, in addition to Apple Music. This works on both the PC and your mobile devices.

How to listen to your music

The easiest way to set up the feature on your computer to upload your own Music to Apple Music is to:
  1. Open iTunes on your Windows PC or Apple Music on Mac.
  2. On the PC, now click "Save", while on the Mac click "iTunes Store".
  3. At the very bottom, now click "Features" and then "iTunes Match".
  4. Subscribe to the feature.
After the subscription is complete, iTunes will automatically find songs on your hard drive and add them to Apple Music. Beachten Sie, dass eine aktive Internetverbindung notwendig ist, damit die eigene Musik in Apple Music hochgeladen werden kann.

By Jacquie

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