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Record Facetime: How to do it

Facetime is Apple's popular chat service, which many users also use for video calls. On both iPhone and Mac, you can also record these calls if you wish. How to proceed for a Facetime recording on different end devices, you will learn here.

Facetime: recording via iPhone with a Mac

To record a call on Facetime with a Mac, the recommended minimum is Mac OS Yosemite.
  1. First connect your iPhone to Mac, and now launch QuickTime player on PC.
  2. To record the Facetime call on Mac, open the recording function of QuickTime player.
  3. Now click "New Video Recording" in the "File" menu bar.
  4. To start recording, click the arrow next to the recording icon and select "Microphone" and "Camera".

How to record a Facetime call via smartphone

To start Facetime recording on your iPhone, you need a separate recording app, for example Apowersoft.
  1. Start the Apowersoft app and enable screen sync.
  2. Now you can start the Facetime call.
  3. Both video and audio of the call will now be recorded and saved.

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