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Stardew Valley: Earn money fast

With the money you earn in Stardew Valley, you have to upgrade your equipment or buy seeds and new buildings, among other things. That's where money can quickly run out. However, there are some ways you can earn money quickly to replenish your coffers.

Make money fast - with these tricks it works

If you want to make fast money in Stardew Valley, there are some ways you can use.
  • Complete quests! Open orders can be found on the bulletin board next to the entrance of Pierre's store.
  • Coral and other flotsam and jetsam offers a good source of income, especially in the beginning. Repair for it as early as possible the broken bridge on the beach.
  • Use rainy days to dig in the mine for ores and gems.
Be sure to use fertilizer to increase the yield of your crop. So you not only get a larger harvest overall, but also increase the quality of the fruit at the same time.

So modify your score

Geht you too slow, there is also the possibility to fill the wallet via a cheat.
  1. Open the savegames location via Explorer. This works via the path "C:\User\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves".
  2. In the folder "Saves" you will find the game saves. Die Dateien sind nach dem Namen Ihres Charakters benannt und mit einem zusätzlichen Zahlencode versehen.
  3. Öffnen Sie mit dem Editor den Spielstand, den Sie bearbeiten möchten.
  4. Suchen Sie mit [STRG] + [F] nach „Money“. Halten Sie Ausschau nach einem ähnlichen Eintrag wie „<money>500</money>“. Ersetzen Sie die vorhandene Zahl durch den Geldwert, den Sie haben möchten.
  5. Speichern Sie abschließend das Dokument, um die Änderung wirksam zu machen.

By Cogan Filguieras

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