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Android: Delete contacts - this is how it works

If you want to clean up your phonebook a bit, you can easily delete contacts on Android. This applies to contacts stored on your SIM card as well as those on the device. You can also delete contacts from your connected accounts such as Gmail.

How to easily delete contacts on Android

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, it is possible to delete contacts. However, keep in mind that you cannot easily recover all contacts.
  1. Take your Android device in hand and open the Contacts app first. Alternatively, open the phone app and switch to "Contacts" at the top.
  2. You will now see the list of your contacts. Scroll to a contact you want to delete or enter the corresponding name in the search field at the top.
  3. Then hold your finger on the contact until a menu pops up. On some Android models, you first select the contact instead and then tap on the menu area at the top right.
  4. Here you now decide on "Delete" and confirm the request with "Delete".
If you prefer to work on the PC, you can likewise connect your Android to the computer and remove the contacts manually. Programs like AnyTrans also offer you a user-friendly interface for this, in which you can not only delete Android contacts, but also manage all the data on your device. If you have synced Google Contacts, there is another option: open Google Contacts in the browser, you can remove contacts in the web application.

By Menard

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