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BlizzCon 2019: These were the highlights of the show

BlizzCon 2019 was awaited with particular excitement for several reasons. In the end, however, Blizzard managed to record a positive overall experience. We explain what the highlights of the show were.

All's well that ends well: BlizzCon 2019 managed to reconcile many gamers with Blizzard.

No one really knew which way BlizzCon 2019 would swing. That it turned out well was primarily due to the announcements.

BlizzCon 2019: Big news for several important franchises

The highlights of BlizzCon 2019 are quickly found due to their importance:
  • The announcement of Diablo 4 was probably the most important highlight of BlizzCon. In addition to the almost ten-minute-long cine trailer, there was a playable demo; the images and videos spread around the world within hours.
  • Successor to the second: Overwatch 2 was officially announced. The colorful multiplayer title is still one of the most popular shooters ever, a sequel appeals accordingly to many gamers.
  • With Shadowlands, the next major expansion for World of Warcraft was also announced. Diese soll in der zweiten Hälfte von 2020 erscheinen.
  • Mit Xiaomeng „VKLiooon“ Li aus China gewann zum ersten Mal eine Frau die BlizzCon-Meisterschaft in Hearthstone.
Währenddessen hielten sich die befürchteten Folgen der Hongkong-Kontroverse stark in Grenzen, sodass keine neuen Schlagzeilen folgten. Live-eSports und Cosplay rundeten das Event traditionell ab.

By Bryanty Corpening

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