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Honor View 20: Airplay - is the transfer possible?

The Honor View 20 smartphone impresses with a good performance. For some time now, you can update the operating system to Magic UI 3. Behind it is the new Android 10. Airplay is usually reserved for Apple users, but there are ways to use it.

How to use Airplay with your Honor View 20

Airplay is a transmission standard from Apple. For this reason, you can only use it without problems if you use a suitable iOS device. The Honor View 20, on the other hand, runs Android. You can only use an Android device as an AirPlay receiver. Thus, it is possible to receive content from other AirPlay-enabled devices, but you cannot send content via it.
  1. To turn your smartphone into an AirPlay receiver, you need the free app Kodi, for example. This is a kind of media center. To use the app, you need to download the corresponding APK file and install it on the device.
  2. Have you installed the app, you still need AirPlay. To do this, go to the settings of Kodi and tap on "Services".
  3. Under AirPlay, you can now select the option "Enable AirPlay support".
  4. On the iOS device with which you want to send content, you will now see the Honor View 20 as "Kodi". Anschließend ist es möglich, Inhalte von einem Gerät auf das andere zu versenden.

By Merill Ohland

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