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Disney Plus without Internet: Using the streaming service offline

Disney Plus is a streaming provider. For this reason, you will need a constant Internet connection to access the content. Nevertheless, Disney Plus offers you the possibility to download series and movies to watch them later without the Internet.

How to watch Disney Plus without Internet

If you have chosen to subscribe to Disney Plus, you can access all the content offered through your browser or the appropriate app. Usually, you need a constant Internet connection to access the series and movies. However, if you want to watch the content during a train ride or similar, this is usually not guaranteed. Disney Plus therefore offers you the option of downloading content in advance and then watching it offline.
  1. To do this, install the Disney Plus app on your mobile device. You can find this in all major app stores for free download.
  2. Start the app and log in with your data.
  3. Now select the title you want to download. Tippen Sie danach auf den Pfeil nach unten, um den Titel herunterzuladen. Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie genügend freien Speicherplatz dafür besitzen.
  4. Die heruntergeladenen Inhalte finden Sie in der App, in dem Sie in der unteren Leiste auf das Download-Symbol klicken. Es gibt kein Limit für die Anzahl der Downloads.

By Thar Hibben

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