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Windows 10: Files - how to search for documents

If you are looking for a specific file, but don't know exactly where it is stored, this can lead to a time-consuming search. Windows 10, however, offers various search options that help you find what you are looking for quickly. Use them to search specifically for files.

Searching for files in Windows 10

Microsoft has equipped Windows 10 with various search options that you can use to search your computer specifically for files. Follow these steps to search for files via Windows Explorer:
  1. Open Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the directory you want to search. For example, if you want to search the entire computer, click on "This PC".
  3. Either press the [Ctrl] and [F] keys or click in the search box at the top right and enter a search term.
  4. Confirm with [Enter].
  5. Once you have entered and confirmed a search term, the menu item "Search" appears in the navigation. Select this, you get various options to customize the search behavior.
Alternatively, you can also search for files via the Start menu. Open this for it and type in a search term. The results are then displayed directly in the Start menu. You also have the option to limit the search to certain areas, such as apps or documents, via the navigation at the top left.

Find files via the taskbar search field

If you have not deactivated the search field in the taskbar, you can also search for files there. To do this, enter a search term in the field and confirm with the Enter key. A window will then open in which the results are displayed.

By Yeorgi

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