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Android 11: Easter Egg - how to find the hidden content

Since Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google has been hiding small goodies in the smartphone operating system. This hidden content is called Easter Eggs. In Android 11, there is once again an Easter Egg to discover.

How to activate the Android 11 Easter Egg

You can also call up the Android 11 Easter Egg, just like its predecessors, via the settings of your Android device. Follow these steps for this:
  1. Call the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Scroll down in the overview and tap on the menu item "About the phone".
  3. Now select the item "Android version".
  4. In the version overview, tap several times on the entry "Android version 11".
  5. A rotary control will then appear, which you can initially only set to 10. After a few attempts, however, the slider can be set to 11.
  6. With this, you activate the Easter Egg.
Once the Easter Egg is activated, your smartphone is in cat mode. You can then set up special cat devices like a drinking fountain, food bowl, and toys using the new device controls in the power menu. Using the various devices, use them to attract cats. The lured animals then appear as notifications in Android Messeages and demonstrate the new Chat Bubbles feature. Google demonstriert so auf spaßige Weise einige der neuen Features von Android 11.

By Vanden

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