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E-scooters: helmet obligation - these rules you must observe

In the regulation for small electric vehicles, it is precisely regulated in which cases you must wear a helmet and when this is not the case. Since e-scooters are usually not allowed to go faster than 20 km/h, there is no requirement to wear a helmet. However, this is not recommended at this speed.

Does a helmet obligation apply to an e-scooter?

E-scooters are now allowed to drive on public roads. However, since not all scooters also have a road permit when you buy them, you must make sure that you have a general operating permit. Alternatively, you can rent an e-scooter with road approval from one of the numerous providers.
  1. An e-scooter with road approval is usually throttled to 20 km/h.
  2. The driving of a scooter is also allowed from an age of 14 years. A driver's license is not necessary for this, however.
  3. Because of these provisions, there is also no helmet requirement for driving an e-scooter. This is equivalent to riding a bicycle.
  4. However, note that you will definitely need liability insurance when buying an e-scooter.
  5. Even if there is no helmet requirement in Germany for e-scooters, wearing it is highly recommended. Da Sie mit dem Scooter am Straßenverkehr teilnehmen, kann es unter Umständen zu Unfällen kommen, bei denen ein Helm Sie schützt.
  6. Zudem dürfen Sie nicht unter Alkoholeinfluss mit dem E-Scooter fahren. Auch hier gelten die gleichen Gesetze wie beim Fahren eines Autos.

By Scully

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