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connect iPhone 12 with TV - in a short time to the big screen

If you want to impressively present your family, friends or relatives pictures and videos of the last celebration or vacation, your TV can be paired for this with your iPhone 12 in a few simple steps.

How to connect iPhone 12 to your TV

So that not only several people can look at your snapshots and videos at the same time, but also admire them in large, your TV offers itself as a transmission medium. For this, your iPhone 12 can be paired in no time to transfer the screen of the smartphone to that of the TV. Wirelessly, this is only possible with an Apple TV, but for the variant with cable, you only need a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter.
  1. First, connect the HDMI adapter to the appropriate socket of your TV.
  2. In the connection, the Lightning cable of your adapter is plugged into the iPhone 12.
  3. Now turn on both devices.
  4. Now select the HDMI input of the connected cable on your TV using the "Source" button on your remote control.
  5. Now your TV and iPhone 12 are paired.

pairing iPhone 12 with TV using Chromecast

Another alternative to connect your iPhone 12 with your TV is Chromecast. This mini-computer represents an interface between both devices and is also installed within minutes.
  1. First, plug the Chromecast into a free HDMI socket on your TV.
  2. Both the Chromecast and your iPhone 12 must be dialed into the same WLAN network.
  3. With the help of a "Cast" icon, the mini-computer can now be used extensively within a wide variety of apps.

By Erastes Lestourgeon

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