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Star Citizen: PVP mode announced - this is "Theatres of War"

A mammoth project rarely seen before in gaming, Star Citizen continues to grow in all directions. Among the new highlights is the PVP mode, which was presented at CitizenCon 2949.

Fluid transition: the new PVP mode is supposed to offer captivating battles on the ground and in space.

That there would be many interpersonal duels in Star Citizen was certain almost from the beginning. With the new PVP mode, this facet of the game now gets a proper platform.

Star Citizen: This is the upcoming PVP mode

The following info is known about the PVP mode:
  • The name of the mode is "Theatres of War".
  • The PVP mode is a separate game in the game, so you have to enter it separately, just like "Star Marine". This is not done with your own character, but with a set pre-selection that gives you some options.
  • Each match in "Theatres of War" will include up to 40 players.
  • The game is about captured control points and the destruction of a space station.
  • The battle takes place on all levels. You work with ground and air vehicles as well as directly with your character, such as in the first-person shooter mode.
According to CIG, "Theatres of War" should be playable from the beginning of 2020, there is no exact date yet. Wer die Geschichte von Star Citizen kennt, der darf sich gerne auf den PVP-Modus freuen, sollte aber zur Sicherheit mit weiteren Verschiebungen rechnen.

By Mullane Drehs

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