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Satisfactory: Making a rotor - how to produce the important part

The list of manufacturable parts in Satisfactory is long, but as you progress, rotors come into play as a particularly important element. We explain what it takes to make them.

Iron bars ahead: rotor making in Satisfactory depends on just one product.

Whether for unlocking higher tiers in the space elevator or for production purposes: Rotors are elementary in Satisfactory.

Satisfactory: Rotors need iron bars

The rotor becomes important at the latest when you have built the space elevator and want to load it for the first time. Then you need Smart Platings and for these rotors are necessary.
  • Rotors are built in the assembler. This you unlock on Tier 2.
  • A rotor requires 5 iron rods (Iron Rods) and 25 screws in production. Both are iron products.
  • While you can produce iron rods directly from iron ingots, the screws require another step. Namely, screws are produced from iron bars: One bar results in 4 screws.
For the rotor production, you thus need only iron bars; on the one hand as a sub-step and at the same time as a product for the final assembler. For the setup of the production line, this combination is very interesting, the complexity of the game becomes visible here for the first time. Compared to later requirements, rotor production is nevertheless very feasible and should be started as early as possible, since you will need rotors for many purposes.

By Shedd Criswell

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