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exchange iPhone X: These options you have

If technical defects occur with your iPhone X, exchanging it for a new iPhone is a possible option. It is important for the exchange to be as complication-free as possible that you contact the manufacturer Apple directly.

How to exchange iPhone X

The iPhone X has a typical problem: The first batch of models that were manufactured often experience errors with the touchscreen display. It stops working after a short time of use or reacts in places you don't even tap. Are you affected by this or do other technical errors occur, you can exchange your iPhone X.
  • Contact Apple technical support or an Apple Store directly. It is also possible to go to a certified partner of Apple.
  • Describe your problem to the Apple employee. For example, it is best to call the Apple Store and make an appointment.
  • Your iPhone X will then be checked. Apple decides, depending on the defects, whether your iPhone can be exchanged free of charge or repaired.
  • If an exchange is possible, you will receive an identical, new model of the iPhone X.
  • In cases of damage that the warranty period does not cover, Apple can at least make you attractive offers. So you can buy a cheap "refurbished iPhone", which was used, but Apple made like new or you get a newer model at a lower price.
Important! Before you bring your iPhone to the Apple Store or send it in, be sure to back up your data such as photos, music and contacts in a backup with iTunes or iCloud.

By Rambow Hinkston

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