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Galaxy Z Fold 2: Change PIN - how to protect your access

To comprehensively protect access to your Galaxy Z Fold 2, you have several options. For example, you can use Touch ID, facial recognition, a password, or a PIN to deny unauthorized people access to your Android device. In order for you to use these options, they must be set in advance.

How to change the PIN on the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Your Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with the Android operating system as standard. This opens up many alternatives so that you can set up and secure your smartphone just the way you want. You can protect it from access by third parties with a PIN, a password or a lock pattern. Simply choose between the different locking options of your Samsung device and activate it under your settings, where you can change and adjust it later at any time. Of course, the PIN consisting of four digits can also be changed quickly and easily in the process, but also deactivated.
  1. First, select the home screen of your Galaxy Z Fold 2 by swiping the top edge of the display downwards and now tap the icon for "Settings".
  2. Now navigate to the sub-item "Biometrics and Security".
  3. Anschließend wählen Sie die Option „Andere Sicherheitseinstellungen“ aus und klicken im Anschluss auf den Eintrag „SIM-Sperre einrichten“.
  4. Jetzt öffnet sich ein Menü, in dem Sie aus „Sperren der SIM-Karte“ sowie aus „PIN der SIM-Karte ändern“ wählen können.
  5. Tippen Sie auf ebendiese Option, können Sie einen neuen PIN wählen und diesen durch „OK“ bestätigen.

By Catherin

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