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Charging Samsung Galaxy Buds+: How to do it - tips and info

True-wireless headphones are the audio trend of 2020 and Samsung is playing a leading role. We explain how to charge the Galaxy Buds+ and give more tips.

Ready to go: The Galaxy Buds+ are recharged in no time.

With around eleven hours of battery life, the Galaxy Buds+ are far superior to their predecessors as well as most of the competition. Nevertheless, you also have to charge the newer headphones regularly.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+: All info about charging

The charging of the Galaxy Buds and the Buds+ follows the identical principle:
  • Just put the two headphones into the provided box. Thanks to the fit, it is hardly possible to place the headphones incorrectly.
  • The charging process starts automatically. The prerequisite is, of course, that the case is also charged.
  • However, this does not matter if the box is on the charging cable, because the current then flows directly from the socket to the headphones. These enjoy namely priority.
  • The illuminated indicator on the display is to be understood as follows: Red means that a charging process is taking place. Green indicates that the devices are fully charged. Caution is advised when the red is flashing, because then there is a malfunction in charging.
You can see the current charge level of the Buds at any time on the connected smartphone. If the charge level is too low, this is also not a big problem, because the headphones are charged very quickly. Thus, according to official data, three minutes are already enough for a runtime of one hour.

By Clava

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