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Android: Change lock screen - how to do it

You can easily change the lock screen of your Android device if you don't like the preset default screen. You can do this via the system itself or with the help of an appropriate app.

How to change the lock screen on Android

Follow these steps to set the lock screen to your liking:
  1. Find a blank area on the home screen.
  2. Tap on it and hold this for a short moment.
  3. Select the "Backgrounds" button and set a background of your choice.
  4. Either opt for a theme provided by Samsung or search your gallery for a photo you took yourself.
  5. Finally, opt for the "Lock screen" or "Home and lock screen" option if you want to use the same image for both displays.
  6. When you now want to unlock your smartphone, you will see the newly set lock screen.

How to change the lock screen using an app

Depending on the smartphone manufacturer, there are various options to make your lock screen more personal. All you need for this is a so-called lockscreen app. You can find these in the Google Play Store. Many apps offer different layouts that can be customized. In addition, most apps can display calendar entries, missed calls, messages or the weather directly on the lock screen.

By Marysa

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