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Honor 20: Lock screen - how it works

To protect your photos, contact data and the apps installed on the Honor 20 from unauthorized access, it is necessary to lock the screen. For this purpose, you can choose from several unlock methods on the device. Get an overview of how to set them up correctly.

These locking methods are available on the Honor 20

To protect your Honor 20 from being accessed by strangers, it is important to protect the device's screen in addition to the SIM card. There are several methods to choose from on the Honor 20 for this. In addition to classic screen locks, such as setting a PIN, password or pattern, you can also unlock your Honor 20 via facial recognition or with a smart band.

How to lock the screen of the Honor 20

Since the screen is not protected by default, but only unlocked by swiping with your finger, it is necessary to set up the screen lock manually. Regardless of which unlocking method you want to use, please first open the settings of the Honor 20.
  1. In the settings, then go to "Security & Privacy" > "Lock screen password" and select the desired unlocking method.
  2. To use a PIN or password, please enter a four-digit PIN or password with eight characters, respectively, and confirm your entry.
  3. To use a pattern to unlock, tap "Pattern" and set it by painting the pattern twice.
  4. If you want to unlock your Honor smartphone by facial recognition, please go to "Face Scan" > "Register Face" to record your face.

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