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TP Link: Setting up a WLAN repeater correctly

If you have purchased a WLAN repeater from TP Link, it is necessary to set it up before using the device for WLAN amplification. This can be done either via WPS or by manual configuration. We show you the respective steps necessary to set up the TP Link device here.

How to set up the TP Link WLAN repeater using WPS

If you only have a weak WLAN signal in some rooms of your apartment or house, using a WLAN repeater can help. This amplifies the WLAN signal and then forwards it. Before using a repeater, however, it is necessary to set it up.
  1. If you have a TP Link brand WLAN repeater, first connect it to a power outlet near the router.
  2. Then wait until the repeater has booted up and press the WPS button on the router for three seconds.
  3. Press the WPS button on the repeater as well, so that the router and repeater can exchange the necessary access data.
  4. Once the data exchange is complete, place the repeater in a location where the router's wireless signal is still strong enough.

TP Link: So works the manual setup of the WLAN repeater

If the setup of the TP Link router via WPS does not work, a manual setup is also possible. To do this, connect the repeater, which was previously connected to the power supply, to your computer via WLAN or LAN cable and open the "tplinkrepeater.net" website there. Log in there with your username and password "admin" and follow the further steps to set up the device.

By Bazar Dehaas

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