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Android Q: Hide apps - how to do it

If you don't want other people to see all the apps installed on your Android Q smartphone, you have the option to hide them. How this works depends on what smartphone model you are using and whether it is a self-installed or pre-installed app.

These options are available for hiding apps under Android Q

In order to hide apps preinstalled by Google under Android Q, it has already been possible to disable them since Android 4.0. To do this, go to "Settings" > "Apps", select an app and tap the "Disable" button so that it is no longer displayed to you in the app overview.
  1. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it has the "Safe Folder" function, into which you can move apps to protect them from unauthorized access. To do this, first open the "Safe Folder" app and tap "Add App" to move an app to the folder.
  2. If you are using an LG device, hiding apps is again possible by going to "Settings" > "Home Screen" > "Hide Apps", highlighting the corresponding apps and tapping "Apply".
  3. To hide apps on an HTC, please tap the "3-dot icon" in the app menu and select "Hide apps".

Android Q: How to hide apps via app

Another way to hide apps on an Android Q device is to use a special app. To do this, simply download a free app such as the "Apex Launcher" and select the apps you want to hide in it under "Apex Settings" > "Drawer" > "Hidden apps".

By Alexandrina Vanzee

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