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Get Musical.ly Likes - how to become popular

On Musical.ly you can upload and share short music videos. Karaoke videos with filters are popular. If you want to generate more likes and fans on Musical.ly, first and foremost, stay as authentic as possible.

How to get more likes on Musical.ly?

There are several things you should keep in mind to get more likes.
  1. Stay with a consistent message. While you don't have to hide deep messages in your videos, you should already have a specific direction with your videos.
  2. Post a video regularly. With a greater posting rate, you increase your reach and get more likes.
  3. Like and comment on videos from other users. Make sure you leave meaningful, friendly and helpful comments and don't just put a simple "Cool" under each video.
  4. Be sure to follow musers you like. So you increase the chance that they also follow you.
  5. Use effects and other apps to edit your videos. So the videos get a personal touch and a recognition value. Furthermore, you stand out better from other users.
  6. ask other users if they want to do a duet with you. So you can also attract the fanbase of other musicians to you.

By Alyssa

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