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Is every Bluetooth speaker equipped with a rechargeable battery?

Bluetooth speakers are handy companions through which you can listen to your favorite music. To make this work, Bluetooth speakers are often equipped with a rechargeable battery. However, this is not the case with all speakers; some models draw power in other ways.

Battery-powered or rechargeable?

The majority of current Bluetooth speakers are equipped with a rechargeable battery, but this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, some manufacturers rely on battery operation for power supply.
  • Battery-powered models usually use several AA batteries for power supply. Instead of disposable batteries, of course, you also have the option to use rechargeable batteries in battery-powered models.
  • Loudspeakers with an integrated rechargeable battery are a lot more environmentally friendly compared to battery-powered models and the much more economical choice.
Some larger models run neither with rechargeable batteries nor in battery mode, but have a power adapter or a normal power connection.

What you should look for in Bluetooth speakers with battery

What kind of battery life you ultimately need, of course, depends on your personal requirements. However, with a battery life of at least six hours, you are on the safe side. Current models are often more powerful and offer runtimes of up to 12 hours. It is practical if the built-in battery is replaceable, so that you can easily change it in case of a defect, without having to completely disassemble the speakers or put them in repair.

By Fahey Soders

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