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Android Q: Background data - how to deal with it

Background data can quickly use up your data volume. On Android, there are several ways to see which app is using how much background data volume. The easiest way is via an already built-in tool in the settings. In the course of this, you can also disable background data to save data volume.

How to deal with background data on Android Q?

Disabling certain background data can also save you a lot of battery life, as your smartphone won't always be downloading data. There are quite different functions that use the background data, for example the push messages of certain apps or the Google Play Store.
  1. Open the settings by opening the corresponding app. Here you now go further to "Connection" and "Data usage".
  2. Now you can tap on "More" to view the consumption of data.
  3. About the three dots in the upper right corner you come to a menu where you can disable the background data. To do this, activate the option "Restrict background data enable".
  4. If you want to re-enable the background data, tap on "Re-enable background data".
If you want to check the data consumption more precisely, then it is best to use the Datally app. With this you can see in a live view, which apps consume how much data volume. The app also shows you the nearest WLAN hotspot, so that you are always connected via WLAN for important downloads.

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