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Using Microsoft Teams in the browser

Chatting, video calls, and data storage - Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication tools in the age of the home office for good reason. Many users download the software to their PC to use Teams on the desktop. However, this is not mandatory.

How to open Microsoft Teams in the browser

With or without an account - instead of downloading the desktop version of Microsoft Teams, you can use the application in the browser almost without restrictions. This works both as a participant and as an organizer of a meeting:
  • Participant: If you only want to participate in a Teams meeting, all you need to do is click on the link in your email invitation. You will then be redirected to a web page and asked if you would like to download the desktop app or participate via the web. For browser use, click Join via the web. As a meeting participant, you don't even need an account.
  • Organizer: If you want to create a Teams meeting in the browser version, you first have to sign in with your Microsoft account on the start page. Then the web version opens, which trumps with the same functionality as the desktop app.

On which browsers can you use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams works best on Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome. You can also open Teams in the Safari browser on a Mac.

By Chang Stusse

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