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T-Online: Set up a second email address

With an email address, you need to log in to almost every online service. Moreover, it is usually used for professional purposes. If you want to separate private and professional e-mails, it is worthwhile to create two e-mail addresses. If you already have one with T-Online, you can also set up a second address.

How to set up a second e-mail address with T-Online

If you need a second e-mail address, you don't necessarily have to change e-mail providers. If you already have an address with T-Online, you can set up a second address free of charge. This is possible if you are a Telekom customer and have an Internet contract there. If you are not a customer of Telekom, you must first register there, if not already done.
  1. Go to the customer center of T-Online on the website.
  2. Select here under "Services & Subscriptions" the menu item "Email".
  3. Now you need to select a desired product. In this case, put "Inclusive user with email box" in the shopping cart of the website by clicking on the appropriate button.
  4. After that, go to the shopping cart and check the box for the T&C confirmation.
  5. Once you have sent the order, it will be forwarded to T-Online and you can log in with the new address.
  6. Alternatively, you can set up a second e-mail address via your e-mail center under "Menu" > "Settings" > "E-mail addresses". With this, your mailbox will be used by both email addresses.

By Riebling Basanta

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