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LinkedIn cover photo: How to change the background

LinkedIn is a globally used application for job applications and professional networking. Again, first impressions count. When clicking on a profile, it's usually the large background image that stands out first, which is why it's best to choose it carefully.

How to add a LinkedIn cover photo

Whether on an individual or company profile, adding a cover photo works the same way:
  1. Open LinkedIn's desktop web page and click on your profile picture in the upper right margin.
  2. There you select the option "View profile" and click on the top right edge in the introduction card on the "camera icon".
  3. Now click on "Upload photo", select your cover photo and press "Open".
  4. By clicking on "Apply", the background image is uploaded.
  5. The background image must be in the formats JPG, GIF or PNG and smaller than 8 MB.

How to change or delete a cover picture on LinkedIn

To change a cover picture on LinkedIn, click likewise on "View profile" and there on the background image. Nun haben Sie folgende Möglichkeiten:
  • Bildposition ändern: Verschieben Sie das Bild in eine beliebige Richtung.
  • Foto ändern: Damit ändern Sie Ihren Hintergrund.
  • Foto löschen: Diese Funktion entfernt das Bild endgültig.

By Beeson

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