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Upload higher than download - what can be the reason?

When you run a speed test, it is usually the case that the upload speed is lower than the download speed. The difference depends on your bandwidth. If it is the other way around and the upload is higher than the download, then you should check certain components.

That's why the upload is higher than the download

When uploading, you upload data, while when downloading, you download the same. Usually, the time spent on downloading is less than the time spent on uploading. However, if you notice that the upload is higher and you can only download data comparatively slowly, then it is important to check various possible causes.
  1. Run the speed test again, for example, as there can always be fluctuations in the bandwidth. In addition, it is also recommended to perform this at different times, since the utilization may be better due to different frequency at certain times of the day.
  2. Sometimes the security package for your Internet also proves to be a hindrance, since it checks downloads rather than uploads. Adjust the settings accordingly in this case and check the firewall settings.
  3. Also check whether your LAN cable is fully functional and whether it is shielded or unshielded. Auch hier kann es dann zu unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten kommen.
  4. Zudem sollte auch Ihr Router auf dem neuesten Stand sein.
  5. Verwenden Sie für Uploads lieber einen Zugang mit LAN-Kabel, da es bei der Nutzung von WLAN oft zu Unterbrechungen oder zu Verlangsamungen kommen kann.

By Amiel Koren

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