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Installing MacOS from USB stick - simple and efficient

Traditionally you have to update directly via the App Store. This is free of charge, but the disadvantage is that you only get one update. Thus, you can't take advantage of all the benefits available to you when you access a full installation.

Simple and efficient work

Before you start the process, you should be aware that with a new installation you will flatten your old system and thus all your data will be lost.
  1. Make a security backup or store all your data in the cloud or on another external storage medium.
  2. Use a stick that has at least 8 GB as well as the freeware DiskMaker X.
  3. Download macOS from the store, but do not press "Install".
  4. Now insert the stick and start DiskMakerX. You will be asked which file should be made bootable.
  5. Select the variant of macOS you want to deposit on the stick and confirm that you want to use the file of DiskMaker X on the medium.
  6. After you have confirmed the process with your password, the program creates a bootable stick.
  7. Now restart your Mac and hold down the ALT key while booting.
  8. You will get an overview of the bootable drives. Select the stick and start the program via the installer.

Keep the stick

While Apple always offers you new updates, not every device harmonizes with the new versions. However, if you want to restore the performance of your Mac, then a new set up can be helpful. Therefore, keep the stick. So you can always access the appropriate macOS version.

By Dine Walborn

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