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Ubuntu: take a screenshot - these methods are available

A screenshot is a photo that contains the current contents of your computer screen or an area of the screen. To take a screenshot, you have several methods available on a computer running Ubuntu.

Ubuntu: Use these keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot

If you use a computer with Ubuntu as your operating system, it too has a built-in feature for taking screenshots. The fastest way to take a screenshot of your computer's screen is to do so using a key combination.
  1. If you want to capture the entire screen content in a screenshot, please press the "Print" key. The screenshot will then be created and a new window will open where you can name and save it.
  2. Alternatively, to take a screenshot of the current window only, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard in addition to the "Print" key.
  3. Also, it is possible to select a specific area of the screen for the screenshot by pressing the key combination of "Shift" + "Print".

Create screenshot: This other option is available on Ubuntu

Instead of taking the screenshot of your screen, window, or screen area by using the key combination, you can also use the menu way. To do this, first open the Start menu of Ubuntu and enter "screenshot" as a search term. Then open the screenshot tool and select what kind of screenshot you want to take. After clicking on the green button "Take screenshot", the screenshot will be created and can be saved.

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