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Raft: How to process ores in the smelter - all info

The further you progress in Raft, the more valuable resources you find. However, these require advanced processing methods. We explain everything to do with the smelter and the important ores.

On to the blast furnace: the smelter is essential for progress in Raft.

Thanks to the smelter, you can turn your simple raft into a floating fortress.

Raft: Lots of work for the smelter

  • In the water on the coastal areas of islands, you can mine various ores, such as metal and copper.
  • However, these cannot be used as ores. Build the smelter to form ingots. One ore always makes one ingot. The ingots are necessary for many items and therefore very important.
  • You can also process sand (to glass) as well as kelp (to creeper goo) in the smelter.
On your smelter thus comes a lot of work; depending on the size of your raft, it may make sense to build several smelters. For one smelter, you will need four planks, six dry bricks, four scraps, and six nails. In operation, the furnace requires wood planks to generate heat. So the cost is not high at all, if you have been at sea for some time - the investment is worth it.

By Andrei

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