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Remove Google search bar - here's how to do it

After you set up your Android device, the Google search bar is usually present right on your homescreen. However, if you don't need this widget, then you have the option to remove it, making room for other applications.

How to remove the Google search bar

Once you finish setting up your Android smartphone, the Google search bar will be available on the homescreen. Through it, you can make queries to the search engine and then you will be redirected accordingly. However, if you do not need the widget, you can remove it. So you also have more space for other applications.
  1. Tap on the search bar on your homescreen and hold it down.
  2. Then a menu appears on the screen. Select the item "Remove start". The widget is now gone.
  3. Alternatively, you can also reduce the bar to make room. For this, you just need to shrink it using a gesture.
  4. If you want to restore the bar, tap on a free space on your homescreen and then release it after a few seconds.
  5. Now a menu should appear on the bottom screen. Select the "Widgets" entry and search for "Google" here.
  6. After that, select "Search" and drag the widget to the free spot on your homescreen. Sie k├Ânnen es nun loslassen und die Suche verwenden.

By Daye Thaller

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