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Microsoft Teams: Remote Control - how to succeed with remote control

With Microsoft Teams, you get ways to work together as a team inside and outside your company. For example, you can chat with each other, use a calendar, but also start video calls. Here we show you how to use remote control in video conferences.

How to use remote control in Microsoft Teams

The so-called remote control is particularly useful when using video conferences. This allows another participant to gain access to a specific computer during a screen transmission, for example, and hold presentations on it. Microsoft Teams allows this option without much effort, so you can use the option quickly and easily.
  1. First, open Microsoft Teams and log in with your credentials, if necessary.
  2. Then join a video conference, for example, by following the link you received or the note in your calendar.
  3. If you now want to contribute to a presentation shown and clarify something, then you can "Request control" as a recipient of the screen transmission. Dafür klicken Sie unten in der Leiste auf den entsprechenden Text, um die Freigabe von Maus und Tastatur anzufordern.
  4. Nun erhält der Teilnehmer, der Inhaber der momentanen Bildschirmfreigabe ist, eine Benachrichtigung darüber, dass Sie die Steuerung übernehmen möchten.
  5. Dafür muss der Kontakt lediglich „Steuerung übergeben“ anklicken und schon können Sie auf die Bildschirmpräsentation zugreifen.

By Emelun

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