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Facebook Messenger: receive SMS

It is possible to receive and also send SMS with Facebook Messenger. However, for it to work, you also need to allow the app to use this service, as it runs over cellular and not the Internet.

Sending and receiving SMS in Facebook Messenger

SMS have been almost extinct since the dawn of the smartphone. Nevertheless, every now and then it happens that a contact composes a text message, which then arrives in the app "SMS" or even "Short messages". If you normally use Facebook Messenger for communication, however, you can also conveniently set it to receive the SMS here.
  1. Visit the Google Play Store and check whether there is an update pending for Facebook Messenger. Bring the app up to date.
  2. Then launch the messenger. If you are now automatically asked whether you want to receive SMS with the Messenger, then tap "OK" and confirm that the Messenger should become the default app for receiving SMS.
  3. If you are not asked, tap on the person icon at the top and then open the "SMS" menu to enable receiving here.

SMS im Messenger: Was ist zu beachten?

  • Die App informiert Sie darüber, dass für SMS im Messenger wie gewohnt Gebühren je nach Tarif Ihres Mobilfunkanbieters anfallen.
  • Sie müssen den Messenger eventuell in den Einstellungen Ihres Smartphones als Standard-App für SMS einrichten. Navigieren Sie zu „Einstellungen > Apps > Standard-Apps“.

By Kieger Lamison

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