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TikTok Challenges - what's behind it?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps around, with more than 2 billion downloads. TikTok Challenges are a popular way to gain new followers and follow the latest trends. Here's what exactly TikTok Challenges are all about.

What exactly are TikTok Challenges?

A TikTok Challenge is a challenge to keep up with a current trend. Stars in particular post numerous videos on TikTok that quickly go viral. In a challenge, you also shoot a video to get as many likes as possible. A challenge works best if your profile already has many followers, because the videos then reach a larger audience. Basically, almost anything can become a Challenge. The topic is then usually associated with a hashtag. Here are a few current examples:
  • #ThePushupChallenge: This is about doing as many pushups as possible.
  • #ingermanywedontsay: This challenge is about how things are expressed in Germany.
  • #cleansnap: With small "before and after" videos in this challenge should be made aware of environmental protection.

Where to find the latest TikTok Challenges

Despite the criticism of TikTok, the number of new challenges is always increasing. Am einfachsten entdecken Sie aktuelle Challenges, indem Sie in der App unter dem Menüpunkt „Entdecken“ nach neuen „Challenges“ suchen.

By Takashi Koshy

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