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IMEI Check: How to find out the number of your smartphone

The IMEI Check is a useful tool to find out the identification number of your smartphone. For example, if you need to have your phone blocked after a theft or check service claims, the easiest way to do that is by using the IMEI.

IMEI Check: Samsung devices

To run the IMEI Check, you first need to find out the IMEI.
  1. It is present on all Samsung mobile devices with SIM card and is located on the product.
  2. On a smartphone with a built-in battery, you can usually see the IMEI on the back of the device.
  3. If the battery is removable, the number is located under the battery.
  4. The number can also be viewed in the menu via "Settings", "Device Information / Phone Info" and "Status" under "IMEI Information".
  5. Alternatively, the number can be found on the original packaging.
  6. If you purchase a used device, ask Samsung support if everything is okay with the device or if it might be locked.
In case you need support, it is worth writing down the IMEI, model code and serial number when you purchase the device. The purchase date also plays an important role in questions regarding the warranty.

IMEI Check: Apple Products

Depending on the iPhone model you own, you can find the IMEI in various places on the device, but definitely in the settings. To do this, navigate to "General > Info". Even if you buy a used iPhone or iPad, it is worthwhile to perform an IMEI check. Call the website of Apple for this.

By Laroy Wieland

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