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Xiaomi Mi 9: Check IMEI - find the number here

The IMEI number is uniquely assigned to a device. For this reason, you should check it as soon as you receive your Xiaomi Mi 9. You can find out the IMEI from the device directly as well as from the packaging the device came in.

How to check the IMEI of your Xiaomi Mi 9

IMEI is the abbreviation for "International Mobile Equipment Identity". The number consists of several components and is used to uniquely identify a device. The first eight digits stand for the allocation code or TAC of the smartphone. This is used to determine your smartphone type. The six numbers that follow describe the actual serial number of the device. At the end follows another check digit, which is called CD or Check Digit.
  1. The IMEI number is needed if your device was stolen or you want to claim it.
  2. For this reason, it makes sense to check the number at the beginning and write it down safely.
  3. On the Xiaomi Mi 9, you can display the IMEI number by calling a specific code.
  4. To do this, go to the phone app of the Xiaomi and enter "*#06#" without quotes. Tippen Sie anschließend auf „Anrufen“.
  5. Nun wird Ihnen die IMEI-Nummer auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt.
  6. Alternativ finden Sie die Nummer unter Umständen auf der Original-Verpackung Ihres Xiaomi Mi 9.

By Mehala Konetchy

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