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InDesign: Free alternative - these are available

The InDesign program developed by Adobe is used to design files such as catalogs or flyers. However, there are also free alternatives that are worthwhile if buying InDesign for personal use is too expensive for you. Here you get an overview of the best programs.

What InDesign is used for

InDesign is a layout and typesetting program and was developed by Adobe. InDesign is used in both the private and commercial sectors to design objects such as flyers, invitation cards, catalogs, brochures or complete magazines. Due to its wide range of functions, however, Adobe InDesign is quite expensive and costs around 285 euros per year as a single license.

InDesign: These alternatives can be used for free

If the purchase of InDesign is too expensive for you, there are several alternative programs that have similar functions and can be used for free.
  1. Scribus has a similarly wide range of functions as InDesign. The program is available free of charge for Windows and Mac and allows you to place text and graphics exactly and edit them with tools such as the ICC color management or the vector drawing function.
  2. Not as a program for the PC, but can be used directly online is the tool "LucidPress". Since the range of functions of the free version is limited, however, LucidPress is particularly suitable if you only want to design something from time to time.
  3. If you need an alternative that is also available for Linux computers, the Free Edition of VivaDesigner is a good choice. VivaDesigner is easy to use and has more than 1,000 different functions that you can use to design your files.

By Huff Pfeister

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