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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Music Player

Of course, the right music cannot be missing on a smartphone. For a long time now, smartphones have replaced the old MP3 players as music storage and playback devices. You can also play music with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. To do so, you either use the native music player or an app.

Which music players are available for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

Of course, Samsung already delivers its own music player with the smartphones out of the box. The Samsung player plays music just as well as other music players. Only in the operation and setting options, the players differ.
  1. With the Samsung music player, you can arrange and play music, audio books, podcasts and other audio media on your smartphone.
  2. Supported audio formats are MP3, AAC, WMA and Codec Flag.
  3. You can arrange the audio files in different categories. Track, Album, Genre, Artist and Folder are some of them.
  4. You can also use the Samsung player without a Samsung phone.
  5. An alternative to the Samsung music player is the doubleTwist Player. This is available for free in the Google Play Store.
  6. With it, you can, among other things, listen to radio stations and give your songs a rating. These are then saved in the best-rated list.
  7. Another alternative is the Google player "Google Play Music". Dieser schlägt Ihnen sogar Lieder anhand Ihrer Präferenzen vor und bietet ein Familien Abo an.

By Mildred Lorenzi

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