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Installing a tablet in a car - the device as an on-board computer

Smart devices have become an integral part of society. They have long since found their way into every household. The devices are not only used for telephoning and texting, they are also perfect as a navigation device or hands-free kit. Therefore, install your tablet in the car.

How to mount a tablet in the car?

There are several ways to mount a tablet in the car.
  1. You can attach a suction cup with a bracket to the inside of the windshield. However, you need to make sure that the mount is suitable for your tablet. Muti tablet mounts exist for certain size ratios, whose suitability you can determine based on the screen diagonal.
  2. Some tablet mounts also use a plug system with which you can attach the device to a fan.
  3. A somewhat more complicated solution, is the direct installation in the car. To do this, you must first remove the radio and the center console. The radio is usually easy to remove. For the center console, you need to loosen some screws on the sides.
  4. Now you need to order the right center console for your vehicle. Finden Sie diese nicht online, hilft Ihnen eventuell ein 3D Druck Service dabei, eine entsprechende Mittelkonsole zu drucken.
  5. Vergessen Sie nicht, nach einer Mittelkonsole mit einer Aussparung für das Tablet zu suchen. Befestigen Sie das Tablet an der Blende der Mittelkonsole und bohren Sie Löcher für die Lautsprecher, Knöpfe und Schalter.
  6. Nun befestigen Sie die Blende samt Tablet wieder im Fahrzeug.

By Lalise

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